Full Transparency

He likes it so shove it down his throat

He is looking so he wants it

He likes thinking so we can put thoughts in his head

Full transparency is not what it seems



Pan see Pan

Chop Pan

Pan shop Pan

Go Pan, Go!

I’ve been noticing some typos in my poetry lately and I’d like to apologize. I usually check my writing once before publishing but I might try to be more rigorous about it from now on.

Good day.


Untitled 061519 10 A.M.

Crafted honor despicable pulse way too fast

Way too fast for you for the way-way for the ways-away


My nightmare is my song and my song is dead

So I live, so I live like this

Gesticulating around me, you notice my belongings

You notice my hair

And you notice my gait

But I notice your mind, your sharade, your honesty

I notice, and I spin spin spin on a heel just to get back

The square one

Once more once more let us repeat the story:

How he got here is of no importance because

We love him, like all of us like the shit is hitting the fan

Like bereaved weather patterns

The natives

And trouble despicable trouble

Remembering neighborhood remembering together

Swell with vibrations and dance! all over the building

Where prison is built for a pill to save the lives of the dying


On display on display concrete lightning bolts

Sutured to the skin of another

Another human on this ball in my pocket

I am master I am saint

I am revelry in the nation state

Keep up, keep up there’s more to come

No slow no heavy no groan no sit

Craft, mature craft

We all, that is, we all spend too much time on the island

And grow blind to the rain drops

Burning Home, We Live Together

Weep keep me in secret in the off chance

That you die, you die in comfort knowing alone

I am free, free to die in your arms you dying in my home

In the woods in the tome in the yard outside in the book

Written it took it only took a year and to fear to see to hear


Is to know better than to let fire consume the house that we all

Live in live in together