I still have no life and no one has helped me yet.


OK I took my medication.

Now what.

I have no life I have nothing to do I have to exercise go for a jog then do pushups and shoulder lifts and I have to trim my nails stop drinking so much it’s different in person it’s different at the time I don’t have any friends you’re not friends you’re strangers apologies I have no dopamine or serotonin or something is fucked up with my NMDA receptor profile and I just don’t feel good most of the time.


Vape vape vape all day take ten ten minute breaks at work to vape and call my mom. Still strugle to get by the workday and leave early because they don’t care they need to retain me because no one wants to do my job but plenty of people do those are just market outreach disparities.


There’s nowhere to go. My life is over.