Can’t fall asleep.


No one to talk to. Kratom helps clear my head, in large doses.

Well I don’t know what to say. My options are very limited. My mind is too narrow, and not in a bigoted way. In a way that hurts only me. And possibly precludes others from my intellectual wealth. I’ll try to talk more. I just second-guess myself so much it’s hard to commit to any real verbage. Some folks borrowed some BSA from our lab today. Conjugation tomorrow. Coworker is starting on it early. She’s so useful.

This is all biochemistry terminology, in case you were wondering. BSA and Conjugation. I capitalize things instead of using quotes.

A couple games of chess really cleared my mind. Or this pill form of kratom is a lot cleaner than the powder I purchase. Maybe I should switch to Red Bali? I wish I could order my own stuff but I need to set up a coinbase e-coin account. My brother has one and buys for me atm. Minor inconvenience, bothering him to buy me legal drugs. The legal is that it’s legal. Where I am.

That’s the book. Throw it at ’em!