There’s nowhere to go. Browsing social media is actually a form of suicide, did you know?


I’m on lexapro I’m on lexapro I’m on lexapro.

Commence side-effects!

I always feel bad when I call sick but am not strictly sick but just know I wouldn’t be able to handle the day.

Today was an all-day conference meeting thing. I can’t sit still that long. More painful than labwork.

Sitting = painful.

Wow. What kind of human am I?

You are to me an unknown dish

I was ready for work today

Not for sitting around for four hours

Listening to someone talk

So I stayed home sick

So I’m a criminal

I break labor law five days a week

But our company culture condones it

It’s a silent battle

I’m winning

two encoded messages to two respective people… and a disclaimer to the general public

If you still read this:

I deduced that fate would probably present me with the opportunity to do coke someday, because only because just because you said it could bring out a good side of me.

To pre-empt that opportunity(?), I am now declaring: I am not interested. Drugs have failed me, and continue to do so. Until they are legal, regulated, and what would be the word… like there are guidelines for their use (no more than x every x days or whatever) that are easy to follow and commonly accepted, I am not doing anymore than what I am  currently on (psych meds and kt).

I think that summarizes my view and decision.

If you don’t read this then I just wasted a huge amount of time. Plus, you’re gone, which makes me sad. It’s always sad when someone I’m truly connected with on wordpress or blogging in general leaves, because there are so few with which I am. Not to insult anyone (and a common theme is that the shitty ones can’t stand insults), but I live in a sea of garbage and animosity. Yep. Feels like I should have more to say in that regard but I do not.

Either way, I hope you’re doing well.

And you: I stalk your instagram, so watch out.

That was a joke. I’m harmless. But I do follow you on instagram. My accounts are disconnected so unless you’re very smart (and know about passports), you won’t know who I am on there. Or maybe just date alignment. Some riddle shit.


I never know how to conclude these. I have added a delay to this post so by the time you have read this I will have gotten over the mental trauma of having written it and anticipated people reading it. Strangers. People I do not know, because they do not want me to know them.


To the general public: If this is too interactive for you, too bad. You’re on the wrong Freedom of Speech (server).


No other way to conclude but: That is all.