I’m not wasting all my time. I’m diversifying my media consumption, improving algorithmic performance, and rejuvenating. My stamina is very poor, my tank very small, and my recharge rate very slow.


And feminism–though it simultaneously hasn’t gone far enough–has gone so far that calling a woman out on anything if you’re a man is “chauvinist”. I heard someone post on twitter that (paraphrasing): A man calling out a woman for swearing is the oldest chauvinist trick in the book.
Excuse me, what? Woman can swear and men can’t? Did I miss something about the promotion of half the species to superiority status here?


Women are fed up. That’s the logical explanation for why they’re lashing out against men. And men, there are still plenty of criminals. But blanket statements are blanket statements, and hypocrisy is hypocrisy. You can’t just reverse the abuse 180 degrees and call it even.

Every male who has any sense of libido feels sexualized and harassed and abused when a woman wears skin-tight clothing in a professional space. I’m not mansplaining. You can keep your nazi-feminist bullshit to yourself. I’m pro-feminism. But someone has to stand of for the males, too! And it’s not gonna be the abusers–the male rapists. They’re just as bad–worse! I’m a reasonable person who thinks reasonable thoughts. I think professional attire should be a norm in the workplace, and I feel abused when it is not met.

Girls really don’t give a shit about showing off their asses, do they. Meaning they do it all the time.

They just don’t fucking give a shit about the security of horny males. So selfish. So sexualizing public space with their bodies. Gross. Wearing skin-tight pants as if it were a legitimate form of clothing. YOU’RE NAKED, brah. Reality check on aisle seven, please. I can see your SHAPE. That’s naked.

If you asked me, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you why no one likes my posts. Who doesn’t like being yelled at by a nasty stranger? It’s interesting–more interesting than 99% of the stuff on my facebook feed. It’s interaction. I interact with the audience, not like most people. And I’m honest. And I have a fucking mental illness. How is that not fucking fascinating?

You people are all weird for not liking me.

That is all.