Two Dreams Last Night

Okay, I had two dreams last night and they were both gorgeous. I didn’t want to write them down right away for some reason, but I feel I’ve adapted to the Awake State of being now, and I have nothing to do so here goes.

The first dream, I was on a planet and as the sun was setting it was also traveling across the horizon. (I couldn’t figure out what sort of planetary orbit and rotation would cause this at first, but when I spoke to my mom I figured it out: The planet rotates around the horizontal axis downward (or upward), which causes the sun to travel across the horizon, and the normal orbit of the planet around the sun causes it to set). In the distance was a field of giant blue and purple crystals that were beautiful. I was rotating my position with my feet so that as the sun traveled across the horizon, it was stationary in my view, and the horizon was rotating. This gave such a good feeling, of connectedness with the planet and space.


The second dream was a couple in their late thirties and their love I could feel it. I could feel how strong their love for one another was, and they were both such good people, and it made me feel so good. The guy had to go back in time (or the future?) to do something fix something with a distant relative of theirs or something, so he had to leave her. But their love was just so fresh and strong, and they were both such awesome people it made me feel so good to know them. I carried that feeling with me through the morning after I woke up.


Side note: I woke up at 1 and stayed in bed awake till my alarm went off at 8, but it was the cozy kind, not the stuffy unpleasant kind of staying in bed.


Over and out. May your dreams be pleasant!


just an idea

Well here I am. Writing. This could be a really lovely story. A sob story. Manifest in time, located in geocache RAM. There could be a subunit of love, for you and me and the twist is that it is lost. And needs to be found.

I don’t know. It doesn’t sound like a very good story to me.

We Are We Are We Are

What’s swelling lemon butter got to give

That I don’t?

Why do your lies tend to my flock when the sitter is out?

There once was a time when the roses on your cheek

Spread and bled and diffused like candlelight

I’m lime-stricken, but that won’t go away

We are we are we are

Candy to each others’ sweet teeth

Running on in an abyss that cradles its youth softly

some of them have to be bad

let’s let go until there’s no dawn

in the soap

in the detergent





Let’s go.


Okay so I once had a puppy. His name was Scandal because he always knocked things over and tracked in mud. I went to a school with a name. This is misidentification. You’ve got the wrong man. (See how that connects? (Sorry for bashing you over the head.))


One time he tracked in so much mud our floor was replaced with, guess what: mud.

Seeping through time.


I cannot tell you how glad I am you’re here.

To be this way–

so out there



is a tiny spec

I can’t swim

may your clasp burn upside down and

your telltale heart

slowly weep seep downstream caught up in the mess of nonsense

of the modern era


I cannot go farther. I will let you know how far I go. This time it is too soon to know how things are going. To go. To let go. I will let you know how far I go. I can’t swim.


I can’t swim.