I’m happy on my medication

Look at my agony

Fly away like a seagull

And shit on the peons

Who so loathe me

All are enemies in a psychotic disorder

And of course, as you know, there is no safe place

Home isn’t home

Again, it’s lasting

Tenderness is a feint

I won’t be able to sit still this time

This time I won’t be able to sit still



I’m happy on my medication

Look at my smile

Cracks in my gums

And gummy bear hugs

Taut, string-like manipulation

Still stringing together sequences for presentation

A vowel, an oath

I am the master head at the head

The table beneath me

Spills out beer and it’s party party time

So long the sewage slips between

Timelessness and longing

Getting the good grief



Sickly and hopeful

I’m reminiscent of someone?

You passage, you

You come home

I sleep and see simultaneously

It is unknowing

When semantics won’t do

The last bridge

Comes down

Autumn will weep

I am not here for you

I am here for another

It is a simple message

But it gets lost in translation