Advice for a Poet, Chapbooks

Does anyone have any advice on how to make it as a successful poet? How long into your career before you’d say the time has come to publish a chapbook? How on Earth do you split the atom to make this happen?



Lust for adventure



















Mason – You Are Not Alone


I used to think
That my life
Had to mean some
But it turned out
I had to find out the hard way
Create my own meaning

You are not alone inside
You are not alone tonight, tonight
Could you let it go decide
Could you let it go, your body, tonight

I used to think
That I had to know
Every thing and every one
But it turned out, I had to stop
Knowing and start feeling

You are not alone inside
You are not alone tonight, tonight
Could you let it go decide
Could you let it go, your body
Tonight through the night

You are not alone inside
You are not alone tonight
Could you let it go inside
Could you let it go, your body
Your body through the night

Yes, I’m Rich

Burn burn

Stail but churning


Stationary nest won’t go

Out West we lie yearning


Heaving the boulders

Shoulders carry the weight


Much ado about nothing

Net loss a zero gait


Stationary nest won’t go

Don’t you know I’m homeless


Caveat being savings in the bank

Crank home some other mess


Capricious favors followed by misgivings

Living on this narrow isle


Marjoram dill sage to burn

Learn from your mistakes, it’s a style


Diminutive demeanor at the banquet

Won’t rupture or let me go


Acquiescing to every request

Lest the world start to know

I wanted to do more with the rhyme scheme here but got lazy and called it quits. Story of my life~

Note to readers: THE TITLE IS JUST A TITLE, I’m not trying to be a showoff or anything. No comment on my actual financial status! Also I think there is some sarcasm in the title, given the body of the poem.

Portfolio Update

Alright guys, I’m not talking here about art, but of course about STOCKS. Yessir.

So I sold a share of Antares which I had a net like 18% profit on (what’s that? like a buck? hahaha), and that puts me almost enough to net a share of Teva. I put in a Limit order a few cents under market price in case it dips, cuz that’s all I can afford. Fingers crossed!

Teva has a ton of like lawsuits from the opioid crisis but I still think a company that manufactures generics is a good cause–as long as they don’t get all monopolistic or anything, which they shouldn’t as there is a lot of competition in that market. Not sure if individual meds overlap, though… And I don’t mind the price going down; this is just for fun and for a good cause. I figure I give my money to companies that do good things, they have more money to do good things! My simplistic view of investing. ~

Unknown Journey

Out the damned

Spew like gushers like geysers like


Treefolk on death row on

Station platform hitching a ride to


Who knows where I’m from these

Days it goes so quick my toes don’t have time


To catch up is immortality, to speak with

Friends in light atmosphere under blessing of


Wings of the gull pointed and loose likened

To the nail in the coffin after hundreds of


Years of rust and adventure, journey through

The unknown to find a new cavern yet


Sorry this one’s so short!


Hobbies Update

Hi guys. I’ve been more productive lately. My psychiatrist says it’s because I was on such a high dose of kratom, and it takes a while after stopping for the brain to re-equilibrate. Anyway I’m not sure if I believe it’s entirely the cause of my psychiatric condition(s), but I do believe it played a part. There’s trace psychosis (paranoia every now and then, hearing my family’s thoughts correlated with panic), generalized anxiety (restless, can’t settle down, hard to focus, pacing around a lot), and social anxiety (self-explanatory), but it’s all gotten better. I’ve been on this psych med for I don’t know how long, like a year now, but the dose was increased to what it’s at only maybe half a year to a few months ago. (I hope my psychiatrist keeps better track of these things than I do!–he should, given he works for Kaiser). Where was I… what was I going to say… I guess the point is I’m being more productive and focused. Still not the good ol’ college days (I was an academic and lifestyle beast), but who knows where it will go someday.

Today, I uploaded photographs from a hike with my family to a nearby regional trail to Google photos and shared the album with them. I also selected the artsier photos (we tried out a new telephoto lens that the Amazon dealer didn’t replace–the original was defective–until their management stepped in, which itself didn’t happen until like a year after I bought the thing because I hadn’t tried the telephoto lens until then!) to upload to our online gallery, which has a store where you can buy all neat stuff, like prints, business cards, framed art, postcards. And I uploaded them. I didn’t just select them, I also uploaded them. Yes. Ahem. And then I got inspired and took the macro lens and shot all’a bunch’a thu’ stuff around the house and in the backyard garden (I like to think of the backyard as a garden) and it all turned out really well! I uploaded some raw to our portfolio, and others I digitally touched up (increased brightness and contrast, in general, and added color warmth in some cases) and then uploaded. We must have like fifty photos on there by now! I hope we get some business ever. I have no clue how anyone finds anything on the internet with so many starving artists competing against one another, (I’m assuming) without knowledge of market principles or economics or any of that, or at least not a specialty in it. Some do, but I guess those are the successful ones. Probably takes a mix of business talent and art talent to be a successful commercialized artist.

So I uploaded photos. The digital touchups I was hoping would be more rewarding, as an activity, but it was actually fairly rote. Bleh/wah-wah. Oh well~

Then I read some computer science programming principles from this Unity textbook I got (or rather, my brother got for me, per my request, using his Amazon Prime account), in preparation/study for continuing on this computer game I’m working on with my mother. It’s a narrative story, I can’t say what it’s about because that might ruin the surprise and my anonymity, but it’s kind of more for children or the adults who are children at heart, and it will be very warming! We already have some of the story planned out, including dialogue and events and setting. I’ve decided the next step for me is to work on the conversation and narration system. That includes U.I. scripting as well as writing down the damned text into the code editor! I’m very lazy about it, but I creep up on the task every now and then. So like I said, today I read some of the programming textbook and it was a fairly abstract section about delegates, subsection of object interaction systems. Abstract, see? But I like it and I’ll probably re-read it to get a better grasp on it.

Then I visited my $100 stock portfolio on Robinhood (commission-free website, everyone! super legit! Also, if I’m not mistaken, Australian-based) and mostly I am a long investor, but I did some more research on my holdings (largely pharma, some auxiliary medical and also photovoltaics (that means solar panels / solar energy)), including reading a few articles on Seeking Alpha, which seems like a really popular investing news and analysis website… that I actually like. Not that I don’t like most. I actually prefer reading investment news to novels (which is sad but true, and I wish it weren’t so because novels can be so rewarding when you get into them). I want to buy a share of Isreali-based generics manufacturer Teva because I think generics are a good cause (who doesn’t want cheap, effective medication to treat illness!) and will be around for a while. And I can afford it, if I sell off some of my other holdings, because their stock is around 20 buck. I only have like 6 buying power now, so I sold a few things, the orders will execute tomorrow open of market, but that still will put me short. Not short as in short selling, just as in not enough cash to buy a share. So I’ll have to let go of some other things once they rebound a little. Some of my pharma stocks are down such large percentage! God, those pennies! This involved some math and a calculator. Anyway.

And of course nonstop vaping, which is a bad habit and possibly bad for my lungs as I do it incorrectly. You’re supposed to do it like a cigar–just in your mouth, then out. But it’s a leftover tendency from cigarette smoking, and it will be hard to change. To boot, when I hold in my mouth I immediately want to inhale oxygen out of nature, so I go through the nose, and some vape goes in my lungs then anyway so I don’t see how it’s any better unless I really train myself to be a pro. Like I guess mouth control or holding my breath after drawing or something like that.

So just a little life update. Ah, I miss blogging, too, can I say! How are you all doing? Been in a bit of a poetry slump lately so I apologize for that. The submissions craze is over for me–submitted to like 20 mags within the span of a month. Lots of simultaneous submissions but I’d estimate the set covered up to thirty different poems. A little higher quality stuff than what I post on here (sorry, audience!). But I’m sure I’ll get back into it and start posting on here again soon. Real sure. Yeah. Like science. Scientifically certain. (Not.)

Ending. Ending ending ending. Ending paragraph. I’m going to the gym with my brother soon and we might play cards once we get home. I drink too much coffee, but not an obsequious amount. The use of “obsequious” actually doesn’t make sense there but it sounds so good I just had to say it.

Okay that’s it for now. Thanks for listening, those of you who did. And to those who just skim/scan/skip: I don’t blame you.


Edit: I just counted and we have exactly 82 photos in our portfolio excluding those submitted to magazines (those require previously unpublished)!