Think about it this way:

If you still smoked,

You’d have to go to the gas station to buy cigarettes

And that would be traumatizing.


Neighbors. What is there to say. I have classified the Universe as two either things:

  • Social constructs
  • Body problems

And under those fall:

  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Coworkers

But in actuality, I have simplified or reduced the latter three into one category:


So now I have like 50+ neighbors. All in the same psychic shade and soundscape. I don’t know if this makes anything better. It should help when under said psychosocial pressure and time is limited. I wish there was more to say but I’m perpetually at a loss for words.


PS: Engineering doesn’t work and modern hygiene is pathetic. I mean, farting in public is still acceptable, don’t get me started on bathroom privacy, and there’s mites in mattresses. Simply dreadful.

Unfinished Evening

This thing is

Stealing the thunder

Number one stupor

Favorite spirit

Numb to the touch

I ought to go out


Night’s splendor

Never thought about it

Lessening of hew

Carpet magnetic

Turned shipside

I remember the letters


She kissed me

Memory stolen

Grace in morticians

Mountain still

Lovely lilt

Also often spoken


Always okay

All poetry transcription

Tonality due

Weather stable


Lossless way


Military strayside


Hold through


Mexican haven


Up the tracks

Lost again



Holy fuck, guys!; I found out how to do indentation on WP!


This changes everything.


Token velocity


Free reign

Free game

Free stationery

By the wayside

Just pick out trash

Just pin prick tires

Wonder fallen heaven weighs scales

In lab class

Course meal signed, messed betterment

Logical discourse, placate pajamas

Wee stones tossed wallside and slippage

Tenuous grief, maybe

Strength to tone hue

Strength to taper velocity

Monkey of a man, couldn’t sober up