My antivirus definitions are perpetually out of date.


Well someone woke me up at 12:30 after another night of a bottle of vermouth and now my father is harassing me. My brother woke up too and he was harassing us almost immediately. These are not good people. He stopped though. The brother. The father is still going.

I canceled my identity theft protection because it did not work immediately as advertized, and then my mother freaked out and assaulted us. The engineered walls of modern housing to not work as sound protection barriers, there’s really dangerous dangerous shit out their, like the opposite of nervines, and I am currently at work, always and forever, so i guess the only problem is guaranteeing payment, which should in the end be a fun game I haven’t played yet anyway.


Mistakes are punishable by death, the neighborhood is corrupt, I work for a corrupt industry, the desert was quiet, and I don’t really know anyone that well because I don’t actually talk to them.

Well this is an anonymous blog, so I can’t say details.

But I make about $80 grand a year, I live in an industrial town in filthy fuck America, and the audience is in disarray these days. There seems to be some sort of agent figure outside the window, as there usually are (figures outside the windows), and there is no healthy media for me to consume.

Well anyway I just bought identity theft protection. My voice was being stolen. That seems more like a body thing but I also do have about 7 doctors. One of them today said some things I can’t succinctly summarize.