I finally made a bum fuck good trance playlist in spotify. You can’t know what it is because this blog is anonymous, and there it has my real name. Sorry.

But I swear it’s the be(a)st.

It’s not the cliche garbage shit that’s all over the place. It’s like actual novel melodies with novel synths n shit.



A message to all the “aesthetic” blogs out there:

Did you know you’re all obsessed with soft?

Did you know there’s other kinds of aesthetic out there? Like, a fucking multiverse infinitude out there.

You guys, no offense but, I get it you just like it, but nonetheless–you’re doing a disservice to the term art and field of aesthetics by painting it so narrow-mindedly and one-dimensionally.


Clean Your Room

Cleaned my room in a fit yesterday. But, wasn’t brain dead not knowing how to tackle it this time. I could actually see ways to remediate the mess to some degree. It’s a bit nicer now. More organized spots. More organization. Still a ways to go, but I have to think about it so much. Organization used to be so natural. I wonder what happened. Why I have to think so hard now?

Vaping Sucks

All vapes are a joke. I bought a high-end smok and it doesn’t work fresh out of the box. I put two batteries in another brand new one “designed in California” and the plastic wrap on one of the batteries ripped off, so now it’s unsafe to use. The battery was brand new, too. And my old vapes are just broken looking, casing is falling apart, magnets not there lost somehow, pieces fall apart all the time in the tanks, and there’s no damned flavor I’ve ever tasted except from someone else’s.


Maybe I’m just cursed?