No, wait, it might be part of the system

Well then dig deeper,

And surgically remove the issues.

That’s the algorithm.

And it’s not life-changing.



Yes but what if it’s true?

Is it still smearing them?

Do you have tracing software?

Or are you just pedal to the metal?

I street.

I decompose.

Rot rits and hits the…

Never mind.


Hold your little finger up while holding your teacup

Hole up in your hole and sing

Do ring.

Melody stings, a measure for a string, and a latin verse

Will king thee high, so shoot low,

Go native, go slowly, go toward the notion

Of correspondence, otter beaver friends.


The power of choices

How liberal, how meaningless

choose to be liberal

Therefore I am

No exam

No notes

No show home

Just the facts

I am what I choose

And there is no weight to it

There are no consequences

There are no responsibilities

There is no meaning

There are no guards

I just chose a political party

And no one is ever going to fact check me