& the dance goes on


Self-Conscious, Ego

The lazy flamingo

That sack of shit

sits on one leg all damn day

rots like a horse in an elevator

awaiting the damned

I am cooler than a flamingo

Don’t tell anyone

I told you that

It Flows Like a River

I follow but

Pinch my dime

I hold back

The mummy scolds me

It is the scalding heat that betroths me

To the vacancy in the island

I still want to know how bad the soil is

I’m interested  intrigued investigating this all the time

Round and round the daisy petal

It falls, it flows like a river

The Scoundrels

The scoundrels have tears

The scoundrels have diamonds

They have our houses, our homes, our books

And our niches

In time

In space

They have our hearts and their vessels and the blood cells that flow through them

They took the time to run us over with trucks and smash our brains in with glass

And asphyxiate us with gas

I know one

I know many

The scoundrels are Jimmy and Lark and Spensor

They make little with much and waste away all of everything

They remember kids and they remember the elderly

They will spiral out of control unless checked

And the check is written in blood red ink

It is stamped with iron dusted wax

They will give us what we need

And take all the rest for themselves

I have one

I have many

The scoundrels are in the car, flooring the accelerator

They are in the jump house, playing with the children

They make fond memories inside our minds

They will skewer the meat

And grind it, too

They know how to work this system

They know us too well

The scoundrels will shrink at it

They know

They know